Just keep trucking!

User Rating: 7.5 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 PC
Euro Truck Simulator is a relatively new title from SCS Software. The game allows you to travel all over Europe delivering cargo from one city to another. Each drop-off gives you money and Exp. which can be used to upgrade your truck and your driver's license.

The game is a beautifully crafted and is definitely worth buying. The graphics of the trucks are brilliant and the different ways that the game allows you to customize your truck is endless. This is not the only endless thing, the routes are designed to take you to any destination from London to Birmingham or Glasgow to Paris. The traffic AI is smooth and is a lot better than in some of SCS's previous games. The driving controls are both easy and simple but can be changed at the player's discretion. The way that the truck's and trailer's physics come across are spot on and behave the way a real truck would. The game is great for both beginners and experts as it allows experts to park their trailers but beginners can skip the parking process.

The game may be good in some aspects but lacking in others, for example it takes 15 minutes real time to drive from Edinburgh to London, I think that it should be longer as this would encourage players to think about which route to take rather than the longest most highly paying route. Also it is very tedious to level up as it takes many journeys to unlock a more powerful engine which can be a downside. Maybe crank up the amount of time it takes to get places and lower the time it takes to level up, other than that the game is smooth!