Needs visual damage to vehicles and environment, and police reactions.

User Rating: 8 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 PC

Beautiful graphics give a real feel of the places you're driving, although the map is highly restrictive at this point, skipping the vast majority of the road network including many major roads, and often truncating those it does cover. This could be handled by combining procedural generation with mapping sources such as Google Maps and Google Earth.

While vehicle physics feel realistic, there is no visible damage cause by collisions, to the extent that a heavy trailer can ride up over other traffic without doing any apparent damage at all to the other vehicles. Also, you can commit manifold violations, such as driving up a highway on the wrong side against oncoming traffic, without police cars present appearing to notice. I once had an accident right in front of a police car, and the police car didn't even turn its lights on, it just drove past and exited the highway while I continued on.

Considering the superb quality of the graphics, I don't think damage effects would be that much hard work for the developers to add, and the AI, in terms of the other drivers taking evasive action when they notice a very poor truck driver, seems to be quite ready to have police action built upon it. I think having the police pull you over instead of you just hearing a ping and seeing a fine pop up would be much more compelling. Also, they should chase you if you fail to pull over, and call in reinforcements and a helicopter, considering the size of the vehicle involved.