SCS as a small software company did a job of giving a score of 10! this is without doubt one of the best simulation game

User Rating: 9.5 | Euro Truck Simulator 2 PC
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Review
As promised, we're posting a review of the highly anticipated Euro Truck Simulator 2. First of all I want to say that despite having tested a beta version, the game will not suffer changes in gameplay between the beta version and the final version. The game has about 519MB, is worthy of being called a 'simulator' and does not compare with its first release, nor with other simulators SCS Software (except STDS, although limited).
Configuration for testing PC Game
Well, the machine used does not have a top video card, the settings below:
AMD Phenom II x6 1090T 3.2ghz
4GB DDR3 1333mhz RAM Corsair
HD 1TB Seagate 7200rpm SATA2
Video card Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 1GB GDDR5
Windows 7 x64
I set the game on Ultra, but I realized that gave a bit of lag when there was a lot of traffic, so I put on High and have customized some things, such as put shadows on Ultra and scaling at 100%. Result: almost always playing between 30 and 40FPS on a Full HD resolution (1920x1080). In general, the game is with better graphics and lighter than its previous version.
Installation and Activation
Installation is simple and very similar to the games of SCS Software.
The activation window is inside the game and you only need to type or paste the serial you get when you purchase the game.
The interface (menus)
Menus are by far the most complete and well made game found in some of SCS. The first time you enter the game, you must create a profile. You need to choose a truck that you will buy and adjust to your taste with the course of the game. In addition, you choose the name, photo, your company name and city to begin.
Now we have a setup wizard controls that will help you configure the way you play, and with steering wheel, mouse, keyboard and joystick.
The game
Euro Truck Simulator 2 takes place in much of Europe, including the UK. Initially got a little more than 60 cities, that number will increase with the passage of the updates released for the game.
The game contains real names for all cities and countries, and to date, three brands of trucks licensed (SCANIA, MAN and Renault), but the other 4 trucks gifts are perfect replicas, except they do not use names and brands because SCS has yet to authorize the use of manufacturers' brands.
When you start a new game, you can not quit playing freely around the map. You need to purchase XP (experience) making deliveries chosen in the main menu until you become owner of an own truck / company. It's a good time to test all the trucks available before purchasing your, maintenance costs are paid by the companies. If you prefer, you can make a bank loan and pay gradually while working.
Once you level up, you gain a point to distribute to some criterion that improves your character, causing him to become a trucker getting better, with more skills, generating more difficult deliveries.
The world of ETS2
The ETS2 map is the most well done that SCS Software has ever created. Rich in detail, the map is well signposted bringing European reality, with the right tolls, border, ferry, etc.. Unlike other simulators European SCS Software, the map is not cloying. There are several scenarios, constantly changing, making the trips become a spectacle.
Artificial intelligence (AI)
The traffic made several significant improvements. Still have not seen any problem between vehicles on the map, such as collisions. Although sometimes the cars will exceed recklessly at intersections without traffic lights, some of them stop and give you a sign for you to make your journey and follow maneuver. During the night, you can experience cruising with any vehicle using the high beam. They give signal, flashing the headlights so that you turn off your high beams to intersect with any vehicle. Another positive is the number plates of vehicles, all in accordance with the rules of the country and always changing the combination of letters and numbers.
The sounds also showed improvement. The noise of the cities is higher and real, making the city more 'alive'. Traffic now has a better sound system, you will notice that the truck traffic have their own sound, without that constant noise from the motor in high speed even when the trucks stopped. Furthermore, the traffic stopped horn constantly, which irritated many players past games. Perhaps the only downside of the delay sound is still the noise of air brake, SCS has not fixed this.
The physical
If you played the SCANIA Truck Driving Simulator you get a sense of how physics is ETS2. The physics are perfect, of course if you are a specialist and look deeper, you will find flaws. For a complete experience, I recommend the Logitech G27 steering wheel, but for those who do not, the game will be very good even for those who play with keyboard, mouse, joystick or some other wheel.
The graphics are great ETS2. With HDR and depth of field, the game goes well the feeling of reality. The graphics are better and lighter than the STDS, but still, yes still heavy compared to what the game offers. In the advanced settings graphics now have the option of Ultra into the shadows, leaving them well-defined. The night following the European standard, darkening around 22h and dawning around 5am. The night lighting is almost nil, causing the headlights and the streetlights have an important role and, once more, leaving the game much more real. The flares were well made and now the poles illuminate the cab of the truck.
Trucks and trailers
The trucks are well made and detailed and it is a pity that some manufacturers have not released their brands to appear in the game. Now you can set the position and adjust the mirrors which lights you want to light through the setup menu of the cabin. Moreover, as we customize the truck by adding accessories and changing the paint and can make various combinations. The interiors are nicely detailed, and some trucks have GPS next to the panel.
The trailers were not major changes, but they are better. For those, like me, who expected the presence of bi-rail (double trailers) in the game, I regret to inform them that there is bi-trains. Are rare in Europe, so maybe they have not placed in the game and still do not know if you can put them through MODs.
SCS Software, despite being a small company, made a great game, worthy of being called a simulator. The game will be worth every penny spent, and better than that only a multiplayer mode. Who knows if all help SCS buying and not pirating the ETS2 in the near future we can not enjoy a nice simulator playing online with other players around the world and a map of Brazil? We can only support the SCS and it deserves despite the delay to the game's release, it was worth every minute of waiting.
SCS Software's team is still busy improving the game, wants to launch a month or two's path to even greater improvement of the game.