The game that's frustrating but great at the same time.

User Rating: 8.5 | Sekaiju no Meikyuu II: Shoou no Seihai DS
If you like level-grinding then read on....
If not, well try to keep reading anyways, this game has some endearing qualities in it...

The harsh difficulty made this game challenging but sadly only those who have the patience can truly enjoy this game. This game is about how you manage your actions carefully.

I honestly think that they should add a multiplayer feature for justification and of course, for the ultimate bragging rights XD

This game has a nice feature. When your out adventuring, the lower screen of your DS act out as a map. But it's just more than a map 'cause your the one who gets to create the map. This made the game not dull and not just a plain dungeon-crawling bore.
It can be sometimes quite tiring switching to the d-pad and stylus back and forth(exploring the dungeon then drawing the floor map after you explore some paths). But, hey, this game would be just like Christopher Columbus exploring a fantasy world. If you like to see Columbus to do that :)

Another great aspect of this game is the character system...their is no leading character or THE hero but you get to create characters(up to 30 I think) and choose their respective class,gender, and their portrait(faces). What's more you get to dictate what kind of build a specific character would undertake.
Speaking of skills, there are ton of it in each class. How well, you distribute a skill point could mean life and death in the battlefield.

And I just love how each of the character class stand out on its own. Their are the offensive ones, the defensive type, and the supportive type. Pretty standard but sometimes each class can complement another class. Generally, this is the party's party or the team's team( or whatever you'd like to say).

There are really a lot of features in this game that's too long for this review, I would really like to keep it short. So here's my verdict:

Gameplay 8.5
I sometimes never notice the repetitive battle since
monsters pack quite a punch and I need to manage my party
carefully. Glad their is an auto-battle for the low-level monsters.

Graphics 9.0
2d simply blends well in 3d. Battle effects are simple but nice
to look at. 2d graphics are nicely drawn.

Sound 8.0
Nice but not that memorable. SFX is ok.

Replay 8.0
No replay on this one if you plan to keep playing on your
present one that is. Plus, do you really think to start a new
game(there's only one save file) after all the hell you've been