Etherlords Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat mode

    To enable Cheat Mode, bring up the console window by pressing ''~'' and type in the following. The first is the master code. The next eight are mission mode codes (world map). The rest are combat codes.

    Effect Effect
    view spells Gives list of spells and codes for the add command
    health Your hero's health
    add creature (creature code) Add given creature to combat
    change what # Change hero's current attributes, as follows:
    give all # give # of all resources save ether
    give all give 15 of all resources save ether
    hide_hand hide enemy's hand
    hide_fog hide fog of war
    load load mission
    lose lose combat
    lose lose mission
    EtherRevelation master code
    view players More info about combatant
    add spell (spell code) Put chosen spell into your hand
    open_fog remove fog of war
    save save mission
    change enemy # Set enemy hero's health in combat
    change health # Set hero's health in combat
    change mana # Set hero's mana in combat
    change link # Set hero's mana links in combat
    swap Swap enemy and yourself
    view_hand view enemy's hand
    win win combat
    win win mission
    mana Your hero's current mana
    links Your hero's mana links

    Contributed by: ZiZ, Starky27 

  2. More codes

    Enter the master code as described above and then type:

    Effect Effect
    view army army information
    player view player information
    view resources view resources

    Contributed by: Eastpolar 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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General FAQs FAQ by CGaralde 20K