Similar to Final Fantasy Tactics

User Rating: 7 | Koukroseatro: Yuukyuu no Hitomi (Value 1500) PS
Its not amazing. Even for that time period, but it does not have to be. Sometimes it is relaxing to play a game that is not so intense. Consider it a game to take a break from other games ;-)

I like the idea that when your puppet dies in battle, its back to square one....that makes it harder.
The graphics are typical with mid to late 1990's...there are no Wow's...but a lot of nostalgia. I like playing some of these games, because I missed the whole gaming craze of the 1980's and 90' I can not play them first time around as if they were new! (Did not start gaming until I hit 40...and that was a while ago now, so I missed a lot of the beginning years of gaming)

My judgment is in comparison to other games of that period.

Graphics =6.8
Battle System =7
Story= 6.5

Looks like about a 6.8 to 7 in should keep you entertained as long as you like Old School.