Eternal Eyes is a cheap, throwaway Turn-Based Strategy RPG. Do not bother with this one.

User Rating: 5 | Koukroseatro: Yuukyuu no Hitomi (Value 1500) PS
The story is generic, the battle system is unoriginal AND bad, the graphics are ugly. There isn't any challenge, no sidequests, and it's extremely linear. There's only 10 chapters in the game, and 7 areas to visit, 2 of them being towns. A few dungeons you have to revisit, and one is just a compilation of older dungeons you already visited disguised as "Illusions". There might be about 5 bosses in the game. Overall this game feels rushed and slapped together at the last minute. There isn't much I enjoyed about this game.

----------Battle System----------
Eternal Eyes is a basic, stripped down rip off of the Battle Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics series of games. You only play as Luke in the game. He is your only character with speaking dialog that is in your team. Eventually you'll gain Magical Pappets. These Pappets are like soulless bodies, or puppets and when Luke injects some magical jewels, they'll come to life in various forms. You can keep feeding jewels to your Pappet and he'll gain new spells or status boosts. After so long your Pappet will evolve (kinda like a Pokemon) and get stronger. If your Pappet dies on the battle field he'll return to a puppet and you'll have to start building up again from scratch.

After you kill a monster on the battle field the monster will always drop a treasure chest. If you attack the treasure chest, you'll get a random item (mostly a jewel). If a monster attacks the treasure chest then you lose the item. If there is any chests left after the battle is over you'll get all the items at once. After the battle your team will gain bonus experience and money. You gain experience by using attacks or you get a ton of experience by killing a monster. After you reach 100 experience points you gain a new level, the experience points roll over, so in this game you gain a TON of experience. Luke is the only one on your team that can use Items, but he can't use magic at all. He can however throw jewels as magic attacks, but why would anyone waste jewels like that? I don't know. Luke can only equip 1 weapon and 1 piece of armor. Your Pappets can equip 2 accessories each. There is only 4 people to your team (Including Luke), while the monsters will always outnumber you. The difference is you'll always be about 10 levels ahead of everything.

There's two towns in the game, and this is the only time you can walk around freely to do as you please. The controls for this is so clunky that I'm glad there’s only a few towns and there's no reason to look through them for secrets. On the battle field you control your team in rounds. You always attack first, and then the enemy takes a turn. When your team is up for attack, you can move any character in any order. The controls on the battle field are really bad. My initial instinct is to press the up button where the character is facing up, or press down where the character is facing down. There's no camera views for north or south, so how am I suppose to know which way up is? There's only 4 camera angles on the battle field, and they like to move them around when an attack happens, so if I finally get use to the controls, the camera will screw all of that up. Since the controls are really bad on the battle field, this can get confusing and really annoying. ----------Characters / Story----------
You play as Luke and you're on a quest to save the Kingdom Gross (nice name), save your sister, defeat the Goddess of Destruction and find out about your parents... zzzzzzzzzz....... ....

Yeah, I've done all that before in about 100 other games.

The character designs are decent I guess. There's a ton of monsters in the game, and plenty of people within the towns. One major problem with the characters is they're all 2D spites within a 3D world. The camera often zooms in to show every single pixel aswell. This gets very ugly at times. The game is very small, there's only a few dungeons and a few towns within it. The towns are kinda big, but the dungeons are small and just seem random with little character to them. There's an opening anime cutscene, but the in game cutscenes are either in game characters chatting, or still anime pictures expressing what is happening.

This game isn't exactly pushing the Playstation's hardware. This came out late 2000 which makes it even worse. The graphics are outdated and often times ugly. The game loads in some of the worst times aswell. Scrolling through status menus to pick an attack will freeze your game up at random for atleast a minute to load, even dialog scenes have to load at times. This game is almost a total mess.

The music is very good, but I swear I've heard these tracks before. I can't figure it out though, maybe just an extreme case of deja vu. There's no voice overs, or even voice effects. ----------World Map----------
The world map is just a one picture stationary map with a few dots on it representing locations. Only about two of these locations are towns, while the rest are dungeons. The dungeons consist of floors, every time you complete a floor, you move up or down the dungeon until you complete it and move on to the next spot on the map. The game is extremely linear and easy to beat. The story follows a pattern so it doesn't ever get exciting or interesting.. just forced.

----------Time to Complete Game (first run through, save after credits)----------

This game doesn't record your time, but if I had to guess, I would say this is about a 10 hour game. This is way to short for this style of RPG. After you finish the game you can start a New Game+.