So what are the chances?

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That this will be a proper sequel? I mean 12 eps one by one?  What is happening to gaming?  It used to be they finished a game before releasing it...Now they do a half assed job because no one can afford to make one unless you are a giant dev with a giant publisher....Seriously they need to get back to the way things were done.  If you cant make a game then dont bother, dont take our money without a garauntee we will get our money's worth.


This might turn out great who knows, but I find it hard to believe it will be as awe inspiring as the first game, the first games graphics were tolerable due to the time period though felt rather unpolished, the gameplay and story is what made it amazing though.


However the tech these days is much better and shortens time needed to complete a game, it's simply most companies lack proper funding anymore.  This game so far looks rather dated already something I am concerned about, was hoping for a really good looking sequel that is polished and realistic compared to the first games arcade look.


We will just hae to wait and see I am not super hopeful but will give them a chance.

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Very little chance, the developer has gone down the drain in regards to their talent.