Football gaming nostalgia to its core.

User Rating: 10 | ESPN NFL 2K5 XBOX
When it first released, everyone including myself just believed it to be just another 2K game to compete with madden. Well to make a long story short, for a game that was the last of its kind, since the whole madden monopoly takover with pro football games, ESPN 2K5 was one of the best NFL football games created at its time, call it avant gard or watever it is, but it was definitely before its time, and to this day every single year when Madden comes out, and i will say that i am a devout madden football fan, ever since i started playing it regularly, mainly durring football season, in 1999. I also go to all of the midnight releases, for the past 6 years now, and i play as much as anyone else does who owns madden. But for me, a guy who is a Madden kind of guy 100%, every single year I always compare the new madden football to ESPN 2k5 and its sad to say, ESPN wins almost everytime, which is only my personal opinion, when it comes to gameplay, and on the field, its ust crazy to see how similar two games are which were made years apart. The graphics are better in madden because theyre on a newer, better system, and also career stats, and roster updates. Unless you want to go and create every single new player in the nfl to make the rosters current. and remember ESPN is an xbox, ps2 game. Which is why it is one of my favorite football/ sports games ever, and i consider it an instant classic. As well as a recomendation to go out and buy it if you can, because it will be hard to find it on the shelf at a video game store, so online would be a good choice and probably cheaper to.