ESPN NFL 2K5 is the best football game you will ever play!

User Rating: 10 | ESPN NFL 2K5 XBOX
If you like football, go out right now and pick up ESPN NFL 2K5 for 1 dollar. This game has many features. Let me start with the incredibly deep franchise mode. Its everything you would want from a franchise mode only better. Every week in your franchise Mel Kiper Jr. will go over injuries, trades etc. Chris Berman also gives you scores and highlights of what happened in other games around the league. This is a SportsCenter show that is put on every week in your franchise and it is totally awesome. This game is better than any Madden game you might of played because the gameplay is so over the top fun and more realistic. This game looks amazing on the original Xbox with excellent graphics and the best animations in a football game you will ever witness. Another mode in ESPN NFL 2K5 is the 25th Anniversary Mode. In this mode you can play up to 25 classic moments that had happened in the past. The games that you get to play in this mode are excellent choices and will keep you busy while playing ESPN NFL 2K5. There is also a mode called First Person Football. It is a neat take in the sport of football and will catch your attention for a little while. The Crib is your own virtual place where you keep all the stuff you unlock and you can decorate it if u want. There is also a VIP profile that tracks what you do in the game. Its a very cool addition and works well.
Graphics-10 Great player animations and stadiums look really good.
Sound-10 Commentary and on field trash talk is very enjoyable to listen to and very well presented.
Gameplay-10 The gameplay found is way better than any Madden game and will keep you playing ESPN NFL 2K5 forever!!!
Final Score-10 Its not just one of the best football games ever made, its one of the best sports games ever made!!!