I can say without exaggeration...that this is the best football simulation to ever be created.....

User Rating: 9.5 | ESPN NFL 2005 PS2
Well, to be honest, when I first played ESPN NFL 2k5, I hated the gameplay because I had been playing Madden for a while and the controls were unfamiliar considering it was my first NFL 2k game that I had played. I soon came to realize that this game would top any Madden, or any football game that I had ever played.


The gameplay in this game is pretty simple. Pick a play out of your selected team's playbook, which, if you aren't familiar with the plays, you can select a "reccomended play" by pressing the designated button. During halftime and end of games, Chris Berman and ESPN give you highlights and statistics from the game which is fascinating. You can even download updated rosters so no need to need to buy the lastest football simulation installment if you prefer 2k5.


From far away, these graphics look even better than the latest madden, but when you get up close (which i dont reccomend due to probably vision loss) you see all the little details and pixels. But DAMN, these pixels are smooth to every detail.


Going, Going, Going, Gone! Well, when I first played this years ago, it was a fresh break from John Madden's slow and boring commentary, Chris Berman brings a fast paced and exciting feel to the game, but as you may see, commentary may cut off at times when you skip replays.

Game Modes/Features:

From hanging around in your customized Crib to being in the helmet of a football player, it seems like the creators of this game payed more attention to the modes rather than the game itself.

Game Modes-Franchise:

Select any or all of the 32 available NFL teams and get started with your franchise. I prefer a Fantasy Draft myself to get a fresh start. There are little flaws in this mode that you may notice like the fact that there are 5 weeks in the preseason and you have 1 bye week during that time?? Oh well, it's good to be creative. Basically, this works as any other franchise. Run your team, make trades and transactions to better help your team,you can even view weekly highlights from ESPN's Chris Berman. then enter the offseason, where you can check on retired players, sign free agents, and draft potential pro bowlers or busts in the NFL Draft. The NFL draft process has a decent combine system with college stats included and pictures of the player, but the game doesn't really give you any hints of who's 1st round potential, so you will have to pay attention to the Mock Draft and stats to get a good pick, or else you'll wind up with a 50 overall 1st round pick.

Game Modes-Inside the Helmet:

Okay, I don't really know the name of this feature becuase I kinda forget, still, I like to call it "inside the helmet" true to it's calling, as you have the chance to experience what it's like for an NFL player. With no commentary to entertain you, you play against the CPU playing with a 1st person view, an interesting concept but not without it's flaws, as you are barely aware of the surrounding field and may get tackled out of nowhere when you think that you've got an open lane.

Game Features-The Crib:

With your own crib, you can earn crib points to fully maximize the customizations available for it. Based on your profile, you can earn crib points by playing against the CPU or celebrities earning certain stats or even earn them by playing in franchise mode. The more crib points you score, the more items available to buy, even mini games, such as your own customized ticker, trivia machine,pool table, darts, table hockey etc. and even better televisions/movie theater screens to watch ESPN commericials/interviews. At some time when you're playing 2k5, you will notice a pop up comes on the bottom of your screen with a Red telephone next to it, which states that a Celebrity is calling you for a game. These celebrties can range from Carmen Electra to Steve-O. Win against them and they get placed in your phone book, from which you can unlock the teams they used and call them up whenever you want a rematch. The crib is certainly a get away with it's calming soundtrack. Oh yeah, did I mention that you will have your own jukebox?


While I don't agree with the overall ratings on certain players, such as 100 overall players (which I disagree with due to the fact that no player is perfect) or even 20 overall players (is anyone really that bad?) Still, you can ignore these problems if they trouble you due to the fact that you can download updated rosters!

The Good: great value, nice commentary, fun game modes, a lot of unlockable items for your crib, fun to play against celebrities, smooth graphics, enjoyable minigames to play against friends or even the CPU, calming soundtrack,

The Bad: nothing really except that EA bought the rights to the 2k series after this games release.

Final Ratings-

Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9.5/10
Sound: 9.8/10
Controls: 9.6/10
Fun Factor: 9.8/10

Final Score: 9.54 > 9.5/10

Well, thats about it for my review on ESPN NFL 2K5. Too bad I don't rate the value of a game, considering when 2k5 came out, it only cost $19.99 (opposed to the traditional $49.99/$59.99), such a bargain for maybe, just maybe, the best football simulation out there. Go get it for 99 cents if u want. Hope this review was helpful. Bye for now!