Online leagues, realistic running game, First Person Football, The Crib, ESPN Presentation, Best NFL Sim EVER!

User Rating: 10 | ESPN NFL 2K5 XBOX
ESPN NFL 2K5 in my opinion is the greatest NFL game made to date.
You could watch highlights from the game at Halftime. Chris Berman did the pregame and halftime show. Trey Wingo did the weekly wrap. Suzie Kolber did the sideline reporting.

Before gamerscore and Trophies you could get trophies and items to put in your "Crib" like the MTV show, you style out your pad with items you unlike by playing the franchise.

First person mode was a new twist to an NFL football game.
Gang tackling, Defensive movements, double coverage, realistic running attack, audibles, animations, graphics all stellar.

Online leagues, back in 2005, Madden just now in 2010 has added this feature.

You could download your friends or Rivals "Online card" and practice against it when they weren't around. The computer would play just like them and it would allow you to practice their tendencies.

If all of these great features weren't good enough, 2K sports offered this title for only $19.99 new!
They believed that new sports games shouldn't be $50-$60 a year.

E.A. lost so much money that they bought the NFL License after this and now can put out their terrible product with no competition and people will buy it.
ESPN NFL 2K5 is still years ahead of the current Madden. It's a shame what fear and competition can make people do. E.A. and Madden could still learn a lot from ESPN NFL 2K5.