When I classify this as "Best in series" I'm referring to ALL football games ever.

User Rating: 8.5 | ESPN NFL 2005 PS2
Today, we can only dream of EA Sports losing their license so SEGA could jump back in with an NFL-based football game.
We, being the loyal football fans that we are, have no choice but to purchase Madden and at least attempt to enjoy it. I can't say that Madden isn't fun, but when you have a game like this from 5 years ago including the fact that SEGA didn't even have next-gen consoles to work with when this game was made and ESPN NFL 2K5 still manages to top Madden 10, it kind of eats you alive every time you glance at your Madden game. I don't want this review to become a Madden-bashing pile of nonsense, but seeing as Madden is the only other NFL game out now, it's difficult to compare this one with anything else.

The announcing isn't annoying. The gameplay isn't destroyed by horrid glitches.
The smooth gameplay actually gives you some sense that you may actually be playing a football game rather than Madden's style of gameplay, which I can't say makes me feel that. The soundtrack is really the only thing I can question in this game. I just want to say, if you have a PS2, are a football fan, have been revitalized every year with the anticipation of the new Madden game and then drowned back to unconsciousness after you play it, buy this game. The rosters are from 2004, but it's easier to overlook than the downsides of Madden.

Buying and playing this game will really show people what a football game SHOULD be all about.
R.I.P. ESPN NFL series.