A bit over-priced for the quality, but cheap in summarization.

User Rating: 7 | Eschalon: Book II PC
This game is a bit over-priced for the quality it gives, but when you DO get into the game, you'll see realistic lighting effects, along with subtle changes in your character. Right off you'll be given a mysterious path to follow--which is nice, but it's done much too many times, and it felt a bit drawn-over. The highlight of this game (for me anyway) is for the fact of how realistic the environment acts at times, but at other times, plays to your disadvantage in repetitive ways. Things like, going into a dark cellar? Cool, you need a torch! But, if you're creeping around a mob of enemies in a forest at night-time, it'll be difficult to know when you get too close to get caught, and if the cover you're behind is going to shield you from view.

I might've liked a bit more of an intro and point of direction, as I was getting lost in the beginning. But, like all other RPGs, you'll soon find yourself getting used to the mechanics and leveling system. Although, like a select group of them, the quests aren't that rewarding where you'd rather be just killing stuff for more rewards, and the character-interaction system seems a bit broken. I know I'm rating this game a bit high, but if you need a game to spend a few hours on while you just get back from school/work and need something to keep your mind off a dying relative, the demo is at least a good substitute to keep your frustrations focused.