Classic RPG awesomeness

User Rating: 9 | Eschalon: Book II PC
Back in the day when the name Black Isle Studios/ Interplay were kings and video games were still deemed to be for nerds only, games like this were great and plentiful. This was when the idea of an mmo was a Doom/ Doom 2 lan party after school in the computer lab. It can't be stated just how different gaming culture was back then. G4 was not invented, it wasn't cool to be a nerd, you gamed because it was great but also because you were probably too brainy/ socially awkward for your pop friendly peers and jocks to get you. And then things changed. Video gaming became more and more popular. It became bigger, brighter, louder,,everything improved. Or so most people thought.

The problem with a lot of today's games are; they look great, sound great, explosions, sex appeal, yay but they're shallow. They all became like the hot cheerleader or big jocko who hated brainy game nerds to begin with. Looks hot, looks tough but he/ she lacks the critically thinking brain. This is a major over generalization, there has been great games recently and always. However Fallout 3 and Demon's Souls for ps3 reminded me of something, that Eschalon Book 1 and 2 really solidified for me. Games didn't use to be so forgiving, you were meant to die alot and learn from your mistakes, and you were meant to solve problems with no at first glance obvious solution in sight. You also got to make moral and amoral choices that once you made them didn't hint with chimes or anything thing else right away to let you know just how small or big the consequences of your actions would later play, if they would show up at all to haunt you later.

All that being said I have missed and didn't even know I missed using my brain and imagination in a video game until just playing the Eschalon games. I haven't touched Modern Warfare 2 or my ps3 in general for over a week. When you're worried about finding food and fluids to drink to stay alive on top of completing quests, fighting monsters and finding epic loot and learning more about a story and characters you really come to like; it doesn't matter that the graphics are old style, it doesn't matter that the sound and music isn't THX approved dolby blah blah. The game is too much fun, and lets you the player play it anyway you want. Basilisk Games which is just a guy and a few close friends and associates,,as what little I've gathered have really stripped away all the unnecessary fluff that at best helps make good games great, but when you already have substance in the gallons, fluff adds nothing.

In conclusion if you loved old Baldur's Gate, Planescape;Torment, Wizardy. You really should check this game out. Or if you're not old as **** but played Demon's Souls and loved the challenges it presented, this game is just as unforgiving in many ways but feels just as rewarding when you solve that puzzle you swore you couldn't get, or finally kill that monster that owned you time and time again. Decent story, with great characters, choices, crafting, items, religious affiliation, perks, dice rolled stats affecting everything make this turn based game, not only just a blast from the past but an example of how/ what future indie or big budget games might want to model projects of their own. Can't wait for Eschalon book 3. Support indie game makers if you can.