escapeVektor Cheats For 3DS

  1. Badges

    By meeting certain criteria within the game, you can unlock these badges.

    Destroy 100 Patrols Badge
    Destroy 100 Locusts Badge
    Destroy 100 Hunters Badge
    Destroy 100 Interceptors Badge
    Destroy 100 Munchers Badge
    Complete Chapter 1 Badge
    Complete Chapter 2 Badge
    Complete Chapter 3 Badge
    Complete Chapter 4 Badge
    Boostenate into 010 enemies Badge
    Boostenate into 025 enemies Badge
    Boostenate into 050 enemies Badge
    Boostenate into 100 enemies Badge
    Boostenate into 200 enemies Badge
    Detonate 010 enemies Badge
    Detonate 025 enemies Badge
    Detonate 050 enemies Badge
    Detonate 100 enemies Badge
    Detonate 200 enemies Badge
    Reach Vektor Ver. 5.0 Badge
    Reach Vektor Ver. 10.0 Badge
    Reach Vektor Ver. 15.0 Badge
    Reach Vektor Ver. 20.0 Badge
    Reach Max Vektor, Ver. 25.0 Badge
    Kill 02 enemies simultaneously Badge
    Kill 05 enemies simultaneously Badge
    Kill 10 enemies simultaneously Badge
    Kill 20 enemies simultaneously Badge
    Fill 02 cells simultaneously Badge
    Fill 05 cells simultaneously Badge
    Fill 10 cells simultaneously Badge
    Fill 20 cells simultaneously Badge
    Get 010 stars Badge
    Get 025 stars Badge
    Get 050 stars Badge
    Get 100 stars Badge
    Get 150 stars Badge
    Unlock Bonus Zone 6 Badge
    Unlock Bonus Zone 7 Badge
    Unlock Bonus Zone 8 Badge
    Unlock Bonus Zone 9 Badge

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

escapeVektor Cheats For PlayStation Vita

  1. Trophies

    There are 5 Bronze Trophies, 2 Silver Trophies, and 2 Gold Trophies.

    Destroyed 200 enemies using Boostenate Boostenator
    Completed Chapter 1 Break Out
    Completed Chapter 3 Chased
    Destroyed 200 enemies using Detonate Detonator
    Completed Chapter 2 Discovery
    Completed Chapter 4 Escaped!!
    Upgraded Vektor to Max Ver. 25.0 Fully Upgraded
    Upgraded Vektor to Ver. 15.0 Set Boost to Detonate
    Completed 150 levels without Detonating What a star!

    Contributed by: Guard Master