Escape Plan (Vita) Review

User Rating: 7.5 | Escape Plan VITA
I was very unsure what this game would be like at first, being something new obviously but I must say it's a game that can catch you off guard.

I will be honest and say, Escape Plan is great fun at first, you have all the joy of using everything possible the Vita has to offer control wise and some of the puzzles can be quite complex or need quick reactions.
The thing that lowers the need to keep playing is that the novelty of this game wears off pretty quick, not to say you wont finish it mind you, just take breaks to freshen up the feel of the game.

To put it simply for gamers unaware of what the title is. This is a puzzle/logic game.

Each mini level, you are put in a room in which you need to... ready for it... Escape! ah you never could of guessed it!!!

You have to swipe the direction you want Lil' or Large to walk, you may need to stop them midway due to traps or you may need to drink what I'm guessing is coffee to hype yourself up and run like mad across moving platforms.
You can push objects in and out of the way to progress or even put your finger over gas pipes to block it from leaking.
IF you really want to, you can send a sheep to the slaughter to test what could happen to you first :P

There is plenty more to do than just the things I have explained but I wouldn't want to ruin the fun of exploring the vast amount of levels and different ways to progress.

I've not finished this game but I believe I am close to the end, and yes, EP is a good game, but novelty wears off with constant play, hence the 7.5