Erica Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Kiss Blake... then injure him, and finish. Backstabber
    Find all of the Delphic Epsilon locks, and finish. Backstage Pass
    Find all of the oleander petals, and finish. Botanist
    Sign Kirstie's card, and finish. Calligraphy
    Find Akal Johar's ledger and a key to the code within, and finish Enigma
    Disobey Blake at every turn, and finish. Failure To Comply
    Annoy Tobi, Kirstie, and Hannah, and finish. Fall Out Girl
    Wipe a tear from Tobi's cheek, and finish. Farewell
    See the fox four times, and finish. Foxy
    Make perfume with Hannah, and finish. Hannah's BFF
    Join Lucien at Delphi House. Happy Family
    Save Tobi's life, and finish. Hero
    Find all of the corpses in the game, and finish. I See Dead People
    Slap Tobi, and finish. Impulsive
    Play through without killing anyone, and finish. Innocent
    Burn down Delphi House and leave alone. Into the Moonlight
    Calm Kirstie when Hannah bleeds over the piano, and finish. Keeping the Peace
    Do the rounds with Kirstie, and finish. Kirstie's BFF
    Find Erica's favorite photo of Alodie and prove you're magic, and finish. Magic!
    Kill everyone in one playthrough, and finish. No Survivors
    Burn down Delphi house and leave with friends. Not Alone
    Find all of the hidden documents, and finish. Paperwork
    Tell Lucien to get out of Erica's room, and finish. Personal Space
    Stay at Delphi House after being sedated. Prisoner
    Find the Chief Inspector with his most prized possession, and finish. Proud Father
    Escape Steinbeck's office without getting caught, and finish. S Ranking
    Try Blake's patience at the front desk, and finish. Service!
    Find the Delphic Epsilon slide in Ballard's lab, and finish. Subliminal
    See all major endings. Thank You
    Unlock all bronze, silver and gold trophies. That's a Wrap!
    Accept the butterfly mask and become priestess. The Butterfly
    Hang out in the attic with Tobi, and finish. Tobi's BFF
    Spy on people whenever possible, and finish. Voyeur
    Receive a note from the Chief Inspector, and finish. We Need to Talk

    Contributed by: Warhawk