Epic Cheats For Amiga

  1. Cheat mode

    Press [Left Shift] and slowly type in "nem ydid eht". The press [Enter], and a sound will confirm the code was entered correctly. Press C to complete the current mission. Press Down/Right on the Joystick + [Enter] to get full weapons and shields.

    Contributed by: TheProdigy 

  2. Passwords

    Effect Effect
    AURIGA Level 1
    CEPHEUS Level 2
    APUS Level 3
    MUSCA Level 4
    PYXIS Level 5
    CETUS Level 6
    FORNAX Level 7
    CAELUM Level 8
    CORVUS Level 9

    Contributed by: TheProdigy 

Epic Cheats For PC

  1. Mission Passwords

    Enter the following passwords to get to the desired mission.

    Effect Effect
    AURIGA Mission 1
    CEPHEUS Mission 2
    APUS Mission 3
    MUSCA Mission 4
    PYXIS Mission 5
    CETUS Mission 6
    FORNAX Mission 7
    CAELUM Mission 8
    CORVUS Mission 9

    Contributed by: untrustful 

Epic Cheats For Atari ST

  1. Passwords

    Enter during the password screen.

    Effect Effect
    CORVUS Level 10
    AURIGA Level 2
    CEPHEUS Level 3
    APUS Level 4
    MUSCA Level 5
    PYXIS Level 6
    CETUS Level 7
    FORNAX Level 8
    CAELUM Level 9

    Contributed by: IceQueenZer0