This gotta be the must underappreciated film-to game adaption ever. The hand-to hand combat is topnotch! In my opinion..

User Rating: 8.8 | Enter the Matrix PC
OK. Before I start to review this game I gotta tell you all that I usually don't like film-to game adaptions...cause more than often, they stinks. But for once, a kind of great movie-game arrives...and everyone thinks it's like the worst game ever...I'm beginning to think people just give it all these bad credits because it's a movie-game adaption!

Gameplay: Okay, when using different guns the gameplay can be rather bad, but when using hand-to-hand combat, it's improved greatly, you can do loads of cool moves, could have been more fightingcombinations, but it's just right. And I don't think it's anything wrong with the camera or the controls either. I give it 8/10. It's not superb, but still great gameplay.

Graphics: Were I the only one who thought the graphics looked really really great? When I first played it, everything looked like it should..I got the real Matrix feeling. The best thing about the good graphics is that you don't need a very good computer to make it all work without lagg!

Sound: The Sound was nothing really special, many of the sounds and music was taken from the movies, but here and there I noticed a couple of new sounds and music. It's nothing really special, but enough for me.

Value: Believe it or not, but I give the value the highest of points! The Value is almost the greatest part of this game. First, you can play through the game as two characters, Ghost and Niobe and when you're done with that, there is a cool hacking program waiting for usage...loads of unlockables ^^

Summary: A great game, fans SHOULD rejoice when playing this...Though that wasn't the case.