A great game altogether but lacking a little in the storyline dept. Would give a 9/10 and would highly recommend.

User Rating: 10 | Enemy Nations PC
A truly amazing work of art. But something is left to be desired with the lack of a storyline, actual characters that talk to each other and air units, the lack is puzzling because any military knows that you need them. The artwork is very good and the difference in the terrain each time is terrific,the unit controls and battling is delicious and the whole game is basically a huge amazing turnout.It is a big change from all of the games that i have played recently.I am quite confused why it is not one of the most famous and grossing games of all time. wrpighweug hpuwqhg iwpughu pwite hgupiwhgp qehfgip wefvu erpguqr hgpw 4ugrhpwejnf vidnfvk; dsfkvhgwepig hwipehugq penqiebvpienb piuwenbvpuwe bhnip ubevipebfv nbvinie urvbpire mbviu pfbniqfvbeiuv bqeibvp iqv bnqvniefbnvpiu beqeiopbfuviq viernienbi qebvifebnviqb vqjhefn vlqibibe qrnvievbiob eviuwbrevh ebfvrbtvwip pqvipvqvbpi wfbnviwje nbviwhbt eviwevweinv ewiubveiu bvpievbvbv bbvbbbbbb bbbbbbbb bbbbqepiv bupievbiem bvpi vubepqibvepiqeu bvpuibervpiu vbepiqu bvpibmvepiubev piuv bepvub eqpequbvqpu bevpqibu evpqubvpq uevbpqibv upqbvuip imubvpvu bipvubpie vbiepvbie ipiervbip erbvpiq erbvpqierb pqiebm vpqirbmu vqpiebvup qievbpiq qibmrv