Enemy Front is just a WWII shooter, with a different story.

User Rating: 9 | Enemy Front PC

I highly recommend this game. I know people are moaning and complaining "Buh! Another WWII shooter! This is overrated!" But the thing is. WWII games are highly profitable, AND, if made WELL, highly fun. This game is one such game that is made well, for sure.

-Dem graphics : Beautiful scenery, along with extremely detailed weaponry and faces/people. Except for non-cutscene faces, I'll get to that.

-Weapon detail is amazing

-Cutscenes are well done, on par with AAA developers such as EA, or better I would even say

-Storyline - The storyline for the game is extremely engaging and makes you want to play more to see what happens.

-Supposedly open branched story: However, the story is not without its faults. The devs said that the game is "open worldish" and "has choices in the story to make". However, this is not the case. Yes, at the beginning of some missions you can pick your weapon. Yes, you can choose to go to the church or the catacombs, which ends up being in the church ANYWAY, and there are multiple choices in the game like this. However, it doesn't really make for different scenery.

Characters - The characters in the game are amazing. Each one is voiced with a different voice, and there are even a few females in the game, of course. They are also voiced by female actors, not faux-male actors. Top-notch voice acting, in my opinion.

Now, onto the bad.

The one thing I mentioned up there was that, there are talking characters outside of cutscenes. This is a valid thing to do in WWII games. However, what is not valid is the quality that is put into these talking characters outside of cutscenes. The characters' mouths in particular look extremely odd and clunky when they talk, instead of smooth. I'm not sure if the game was released without this being polished, but whatever. It detracts a little from immersion, but if you don't pay attention to people talking and just keep fighting, you'll be fine. However, it's kind of sad that the first Call of Duty games had better lip-graphics than a game in 2015, outside of cutscenes, but oh well.

Also another thing I wanted to point out was that the "almost dead, red around the screen" thing sucks nuts. When you first get hit by a bullet, the screen edges just scream "TAKE COVER OR YOU'RE GONNA DIE BY THE NEXT BULLET", when in reality, you can still take multiple bullets. This was playing on easy, however, and it might be more "realistic" for the harder difficulties, but this still needs polish, definitely.

The devs also forgot to put in the keyboard control little pop-ups for actions. So instead of "Press F to pick up Mosin-Nagant", I get "Press X to pick up Mosin-Nagant". F on the keyboard is X and E on the keyboard is Y. However, the game doesn't tell you this anywhere, and so you have to figure it out for yourself. But, they do have keyboard bindings in the options. I think the devs just forgot this part of the game for some reason, unfortunately for us PC FPS players that don't use controllers for FPSs.

However, other than those few things, this is a SOLID WWII game. With the quality of the game, it's definitely worth 30 bucks, but doesn't really bring anything new to the table, so it's not worth much more than that in my opinion.

Thanks for reading. (This is as of March 8, 2015.)