World War II finally back.

User Rating: 7 | Enemy Front PS3

Enemy Front isn't bad game. The games is situated at World War II, which is very nice change from other first-person shooter games in recent years. There are many enviroments (devasteted town, sunny countryside or snowy dam), along 15-20 weapons (pistols, shotgun, rifles, granates..) and quests (destroy tank, defend barricade or just get to the facility). The level desing isn't so linear like Call of duty or Medal of Honor, there are some side quests in the mission and you can complete mission by silent way with sneaking, hiding and using weapons with silencer. Negatives of "Enemy Front" are mediocre AI and sometimes very low framerate (cry engine), but graphics is fine. I think the game is similar to "Commandos Strike Force" by playing style and "Crysis 3 by open missions and side quests.