Endless Ocean Cheats For Wii

  1. View Staff Credits

    When it's sunset in-game (after 6pm - use the clock in the boat's cabin to see the time), sit on the deck chair, and look out over the horizon as usual to view a special cut-scene with Staff Credits.

    Contributed by: The BoB Fish 

  2. Unlocking new in-game music tracks

    After you've been to the Abyss for the first time, you'll unlock the song "Benedictus (Hayley Westenra)"

    You can now select this song to play for any future dives.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Visit "Mo'ia Atoll" ruins. "Amazing Grace"
    Go to "Ship's Rest" for the first time. "E Pari Ra"
    Unlock all the other tracks. "Hayley's Medley" (Plays all of Westenra's songs in a random order)
    Cause the roof of the Ruins to cave in "Hine e Hine"
    Free the bottlenose dolphin from the Lagoon "Pokarekare Ana"
    Enter the White Room of the Great Aqua Cave "River of Dreams"
    Enter the Great Aqua Cave for the first time "Shenandoah"
    Watch the credits "The Water is Wide"
    Visit the Abyss for the first time Song "Benedictus" (Hayley Westenra)

    Contributed by: LikuX, Sabrewing, Siegfried066 

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