End of Nations Gameplay

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well i got invited to the alpha, and i want to share my experiences with everyone



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I played this game @ GamesCom 2012, and even if I tried vigorously to understand the interface it drived me NUTS !!! I really can't see why these RTS don't learn from previous mistakes. If your UI sucks, then it's a NO GO, if it feel like riding an alien spaceship when you just want to have fun with the gameplay, it's not working .. The UI that looks like a hexagonal-bee-nest makes your eyes hurt ! Why make a game psychedelic when you can go to a rave and get that feeling ? Hexagons are for paralyzing people !!!
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its too chaotic. The factions are too big for the individual to really matter on the global scale, so the big map while usually a major plus for me in games doesnt really matter. Then the leveling was a bit slow, and dependant on wins which if you have no gear, and facing off against other players that do is a pain to aqcuire. Then when you get it, your noob bashing on other people trying to get up, and have a false sense of superiority.

the gameplay is a good time for sure, altho the balance of course is going to need alot of work, but overall for the game, im a bit skeptical. I havent even installed my beta still after the alpha went down, but then again ftp models tend not to hold my interest for long.

they should have made player made factions, not 2v1 npc.