Everyone is dead wrong if they don't give this game at least a 9.0! This game is AWESOME!

User Rating: 9.4 | Enclave XBOX
Ok, I'm finally a member, so I can write a review about this AWESOME GAME! Enclave came out right away when the Xbox first hit the stores and it was the best looking game bar none! Now, years later, it's still one of the best graphical games. It's a wonderful fantasy adventure with a lot of varying landscapes to battle through and a lot of great characters to play as! The programers did an excellent job making each character very fun to play as! It's a wonderful adventure that has to be like $10-$15 now a days, so head out and buy it! Going through the good campaign was fun, but then the evil camaign was just that much more! Controls take some time to get use to and so does the difficulty, but if it wasn't a challange, then why play? What sense of accomplishment could you get if it was easy? NONE!