Ahh... the joy of a good hack "n" slash game!

User Rating: 8.6 | Enclave XBOX
Enclave is one of the good games of the x-box, but without different difficult levels and short playtime, it won't really be a game you'll play over and over again.

To start with, the gameplay IS fun, and can be replayed multiple times, but when you've got all the gold, when you've killed all of the enemies, the game becomes a waste of time.

the grapics are pretty good and the sound is aswell, but something is missing... and i can't really put my finger on it.

the levels are all different but you can tell they've put more effort in the light story.
The characters are limited, and you get them over time, but they all have specials, like the gnome can use bombs and the hunter can use bow and crossbows.

the dark side's characters are exactly the same as the light, just with a different shell. a little disapointing when you think of it.

the gameplay is a bit too short and too easy, just employ basic hit and run teqniques.

Want my advise? rent the game a week, you can propably play the game without wasting all the money.