It was only a matter of time before a Japanese RPG wound up on 360 cliches and all. This one's a hit.

User Rating: 8.1 | Enchanted Arms X360
There was much anticipation and specualtion about Enchanted Arms, it being the first import RPG on the new Xbox. Turns out that this one isn't so bad after all.

Many complain how all RPGs have all of the same old cliches. EA is no exception. The hero's town gets blasted, and he and a bunch of elemental warroirs have to go kill the thing that did it. Sounds like Final Fantasy X. But it's not. there are magical creatures to build and collect, hundreds of enemies to fight, and battles to play online with your creatures.

The game uses an innovative grid systems to wage battle. Each character's attacks can reach certain areas of the grid, depeding on where that character moves to. It works fairly well, though you may find an occasional lack of originality in moves.

The graphics are stunning. From the towering magic school to the forests beyond, everything is rendered in stunning clarity. The elemental special attacks are the true spectacles, raining beautiful death down on the field.

The voice acting is pretty bad, but all the other sound you hear are clear and good.

One thing thst is wierdabout EA is that, instead of going into shops and hotels, you just stand outside the door and the scene takes you inside. Not exactly a good idea, but it doesn't ruin the fun. Shops are located in odd-looking crystals along your journey. A good thing is that you get to save wherever you want, unlike most RPGs.

The battles do get frustrating, escpecially the bosses, but don't give up; you will make it with the right combination of allies on your side. The story is based in a world after the Golem War, when magicla machine creatures did all sorts of destruction upon the land. In that war, the evil Devil Golems were sealed, and all magic except the weak Enchant magic was lost. You must use regular Golems and Enchant magic to defeat your enemies.

For the price, you get a great RPG, a graphic novel straight form Japan with some background info, and a fun online battle system. Definitely worth it.