Empires: Dawn of the Modern World Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Codes

    Press ''enter'' to bring up the chat interface. Enter the code and press ''enter'' again

    Effect Effect
    Communism All resources are reduced to 0.
    I know kung fu All units are instantly trained and all building are instantly constructed
    Fastbuild Buildings build faster
    Call boggy Gives player 1000 food.
    Republicans Gives player 1000 gold.
    Get stoned gives player 1000 stone.
    Beaver Gives player 1000 wood.
    Daddy's credit card Gives player 10000 of each resource
    The ring of power Physical power is replenished when all is depleted.
    Weak like Ukraine Player loses.
    Shock and awe Player wins
    No soup for you Reduces the amount of food to 0.
    QA salary Reduces the amount of gold to 0.
    Busted Reduces the amount of stone to 0.
    Cold Shower Reduces the amount of wood to 0.
    Blue Folder Removes all resources on the map.
    Pit Stop Replenishes flight time of all planes
    Red Bones Replinishes health of all of the player's units
    Homeland security Reveals entire map.
    Noob reveals map, removes fog of war, gives player 10000 of each resource, all units are instantly trained and all building are finished.

    Contributed by: circusbred, califonia 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by YoyoYoshi 42K