More crashes then minutes played!

User Rating: 7.5 | Empire: Total War PC
This would have been the best of the Total War games if it wasn't for the crashes and slow/ laggy game play. The sea battle's are incredible and also tie up the time periods fighting to not just limit to land battles which weren't the only battles that happened in the early years of the world. The only real issue with this game is the lack of the game engine to work as intended even on super gaming computers. The original lands battles are still as fun as ever and best played on medium difficulty because the hardest makes the AI way more powerful. Certain characteristics of the previous games have been modified to make things easier on micromanagement while playing as one of the civilizations like making trade routes and other civilizations able to be blockaded by simply dropping troops or ships along a trade route which is also more realistic. The upgrade tree is easy to figure out and adds a bunch of nice things that are almost essential to allow a nation to thrive. Strategy is the key to every battle and the AI is just as likely as you, the player, is to strategize and win. The graphics look good, and aren't completely overwhelming however some aspects of them form issues which can occur and crash the game. During a decently long game the navies started having graphic issue such as a long hang time during the game which lasted over a minute and made it almost a chore to even click and move the ships. Modding the game to get it into working condition can take hours and most of the playing time was just trying to get the game to work properly however now it is completely useless to me because once a campaign or even sandbox battle/ campaign crashes after the first turn takes place even with the new patches and updates. Finally this game is a great idea and comes from an amazing series but it didn't have the attributes to make it the best of the series.