Fun for RTS & Dune Saga lovers

User Rating: 8.7 | Emperor: Battle for Dune PC
If you like the classic dune games you will like Emperor: Battle for Dune. For me as a kid I have vivid memories of playing Dune and then Dune 2000. When Emperor came out I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Firstly I loved the Dune novels, secondly as I have mentioned I played the previous games and thirdly I'm a big fan of Westwood productions. The game looks great. For the first time In the Dune game history there are 3D units and graphics. The gun fire, explosions and laser effects look great and battle are fast and destructive. Unlike previous Dune games you no longer required to put down concrete slabs to build bases you just need to find solid rock. You have the choice to play the three races just like in the original and each one has its own unique vehicles and infantry.
Now the downside is that even if vehicles and infantry look different they work the same. Gun infantry is gun infantry, rocket infantry is rocket infantry and well you get the idea. Also the AI path finding can be really retarded and clumsy with units blatantly avoiding easier paths for harder ones or just walking straight into danger. Because of this you spend a lot of time guiding your units step by step which is a pain.
As with most Westwood RTS like the "Command and Conquer" games you will have cut scenes after battles with live action videos of actors portraying the different house leaders either complementing you on your victory, bringing you up to date on upcoming battles or fighting between themselves to your amusements. These cut scenes are great fun to watch and give you a bit of a break between levels. Even if the B movie acting is so-so these little clips are like Westwood tradition and the Emperor: Battle for Dune wouldn't be the same without them.