Well orchestrated game, really brings out the entire post-movie dune situatoin. And good acting too.

User Rating: 9.5 | Emperor: Battle for Dune PC
This was a very good game. Although I find the last level a little bit difficult, that's just me. Although if you're going to be playing as harkonnen, there comes a point where you get to choose the really hard side, or the really easy side... I dare you to take the hard side. (Gunseng = hard Copec = Easy) Personally I like the acting used in the cutscenes. it's been ages since I've played any game that has actual actors used in the game that weren't voicing something. (I don't count Need For Speed Most Wanted.) Gunseng is my personal favorite character, but if I had to choose best looking, I'd definitely pick the mentat from house Ordos. Still, if you don't really like Real Time Strategy games, this game is worth reconsidering. Smooth game-play with a player changeable pace, nicely used models, and moderately used AI systems... Except for the occasional rediculous story-line of a mission or two, and the occasional sandstorm stealing your poor little fremen, and sardukaur away. (but that's a fun little addin too if you want to just mess around.