User Rating: 10 | Emperor: Battle for Dune PC
As a longtime fan of the series,i say, WE NEED MORE GAMES LIKE THIS! better then all other dunes! there were rumors of new movie in 2010 but 'm not sure if it's true. but this is an AWESOME GAME! one of the best games i wish they would make new one. the emperor is awesome he owns!!!the an awesome way to experience the book(s) the game makes more sense if you read books MORE SPICE!!!! MORE SPICE!!!!MORE SPICE!!!! MORE SPICE!!!!MORE SPICE!!!! MORE SPICE!!!! yup spice is awesome, dune for ever


Other people:I dont understand those books. Why is everyone a psychopathic killer, many of whom have off'd their first person when they were a toddler?

What in the does the spice have to do with worms? What the balls is a sand trout? Why in the wasnt baron Harkonan as cool as he was in the movie?