So I was 6 when I first palyed this game, I know every detail about this game. Instant classic for me!

User Rating: 9 | Emperor: Battle for Dune PC
I was so young that my dad reported someone that cursed on a multiplayer game. It was an amazing game for its time and even now I cant complain. I do wish it would come to steam though.

Single Player
The single player campaign is nicley done id give that a 7.5 of 10. Its very sci fi but is pretty well done. Westwood put in some quality and made filmed inserts that make the campaign that much more immersive. I have played all the campigns many times and found that they are fun at time with all three "teams" having special missions that are really nice to have in a RTS. But it does lack a little bit, at times the campaign is frustrating and you will find that some small things can be a huge pain in the ass, very few gliches however and all in all the story is interesting and immersive, but its not amazing.

When Westwood did support multiplayer IT WAS HELL, one of the most difficult things to work EVER. my dad would get tech guys to come over and they just had no idea how to do some of the stuff, so although I dont remember the specific problem, I do remember it was hell. When multiplayer games would work, they were fun, connection would cut at times but it was cool
the Lan system was a little buggy for me but that was probably isolated to my network.
The skirmish mode that is single player is great! You can chose from the three teams and choose from 5 subhouses and this gives alot alot alot of distinction and adversity. The game is so different for every team you pick. And thats what makes the games gameplay so good, just like other games that are so diverse ie. Rome totalwar, Command and Conquer, it makes the gameplay endless. With a little brains you will find that you can do so much with the game, it really is very free to play in its workings. This is what makes the game, not the campaign so much, but the way the actual gameplay is which is addicting and always different.

This that arent there....

A.I is pretty stupid, although on hard difficulty it is a challenge you will most times be able win, not all the time though.

They are good for their time. i mean it was 2001 really 2000 it was developed and it was 3D! and ran on intergrated graphics so that is great

Omg was the original version 1.0 buggy, but get 1.09 and its fine!

Multiplayer obviously is no longer supported but i hope that one day steam might take it!


All in all its a good game. Solid campaign, decent graphics still, great gameplay. There are few complaints one being the multiplayer, a few bugs, the A.I and the fact that THERE WILL NOT BE ANOTHER DUNE GAME :(

Whatever i could play this as long as P.Cs were made

To me its a must have and i will soon be purchasing a second copy incase anything happens to it.