First Star Citizen, then...

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What a coincident, Star Citizen proved that there is still a market for space sims and suddenly Elite is back again. Still, I hope Elite makes it, after so many tries to reboot the series it has to succeed eventually.
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Elite Dangerous has been in development long time already, they just needed help to complete it. It has nothing to do with Star itizen, but they are helping each others to revive a great genre in a time when developers are too careful to go outside mainstream.

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Well, I've learned it's better not to expect too much from this game. Then when/if it finally arrives in March next year it'll be a nice surprise. Better that, than be massively disappointed. I'm trying to do this, but.. heh.. it's excruciatingly difficult... I lost count of the years I've been waiting for this. We can only but hope... :)

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We are now in 2014, at distance of one month of the projected release date. I hope the devs. will not rush to release this game. I've been waiting for it countless years, I won't mind other several months, but I hope at the date of release it will be a good, well shaped, finished game, worthy of the name of Elite.

What I totally loved at the old ELITE was the way it worked the "true" space physics, without gravitation and "up and down" and the way the ship could be controlled from keyboard. I remember how disappointed I was each time I tried a new "space sim" game, like Freelancer or EVE Online, or Sins of a Solar Empire, or others..., only to discover that the ship I was controlling, is mysteriously aligning to a gravitation system that have no place in true space.

Other thing I loved at the old ELITE was the absence of possibility to turn the ship on "left and right". Because you could align only vertically, the ship movements and rotations in space were sooo... fluid and beautiful... Just the way Millennium Hawk in Star Wars did... Anyway, I truly truly hope to see all of these unique particularities that I loved so much on the old game, in Elite Dangerous as well.

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Millennium hawk huh