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Elex FitGirl Repack activity of the amusement is implanted in a dystopian universe, cpy in which best in class innovation 3dm and enchantment exist together. Elex pulls cpy in players on the planet 3dm Magalan, numerous years prior to the shooting star hit. The fiasco prompted the annihilation of human advancement, which thrived there; On their vestiges was conceived another world, populated by relatives of the couple of survivors. With the shooting star on Magalan, in any case, something unique has arrived - the secretive component, the title elex. It is utilized to make weapons and utilize mysterious capacities, yet its utilization additionally has a reaction - its proprietors are gradually losing the human sense. In any case, the crude material is continually battling. New organization Magalan separated into a few camps. The most grounded of these are the purported Albanians, a small amount of the radical driving forces which have lost humanity because of the abuse of Eleus, and are guided just by their own particular advantages. Three more gatherings battle against the Albami: the crazy, the mechanically propelled pastors and the banici.

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Elex FitGirl Repack CPY 3DM