Elevator action is a great port of the arcade game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Elevator Action NES
When it debuted in arcades in 1983, Taito's Elevator Action had you in control of a secret agent, who's job was to infiltrate a building loaded with secret documents, while avoiding opposing agents either via evasion or force. The NES port of this game is no different.

As the name implies, a lot of the Action in this game revolves around Elevators. You start out on the roof of a building with 30 floors. While inside an elevator, you can manually move it up or down, or it will move itself if you aren't inside it. There are many doors in this building, and enemy agents will continually jump out from these doors, armed with guns. The easiest way to avoid enemy fire is by ducking, although the ducking mechanics are a bit odd. You press down to crouch, but then you can only fire to the left and right, not move. You must press up on the D-Pad, which then makes your guy stand up, allowing you to move again, It's something you get used to though.

All agents can be killed with a single shot, although some are more crafty than others, and will actualy crouch themselves and then shoot you. The only way to dodge a low shot is by jumping, and you need very quick reflexes to do this.

As you progress farther down the building, the elevator system will get more complex. By the bottom 10 floors, there are as many as five elevator shafts, many which begin and end and different places, requiring you to hop between elevators, while avoiding enemy fire coming at you from the sides. Getting through these spots can be especially tricky.

The game looks nearly identical to the arcade version in terms of graphics, partially because the original game wasn't exactly pushing the envelope in terms of graphics. Still, the graphics are emulated perfectly; the same can't be said for the sound however. While the same background tune is in there, it doesn't quite sound like the original melody, and is much simpiler in nature (only one layer of sound).

If you like the arcade game Elevator Action, and you have an NES, there's really nothing to be dissappointed about here. Nearly everything is just like you might remember it from the arcades, making it a game worth picking up.