This brings back good memories.

User Rating: 5.5 | Elevator Action NES
Elevator Action is one of the games that everyone should try at least once. With the modern games being release people are moving away from what gaming was once 20 years back. The game was simple, but not as easy as it sounds. The goal of the game was to leap down the building without being shot and escape to the lower floor. You can jump, and shoot a pistol as well as get in elevators and move down escalators. It seams boring as it sounds but at least give it a shot to this classic gaming. I dare you to succeed without loosing a life.

Sometimes you wont want to play intense games and this is the perfect casual game you can get. It even has a multiplayer mode to co-op or compete against rivals.

This game sure brings back memories and people should play these basic games to be able to fully appreciate the modern games. No one could be called a true gamer if they did not pass through these classic NES games first.