1.1 Is getting there still has some work to go but its stable and fun now. Amazing turn around.

User Rating: 8.5 | Elemental: War of Magic PC
I am one of the many that was very upset when it came out. I had pre-ordered it because I am such a huge fan of Master of Magic, so I got to be involved with the beta, and I kept expecting them to have way more features and thought "hey they must just not be showing them to us" then it came out and I was very upset I spent $50 on this?

Well Stardock has made a rather large turn around. The game is stable, and fun. Although it still needs some more flesh (users will add it if stardock does not). It is very engaging and I expect it to be worthy of the money one day. They hired a new project manager and he seems to be taking the game in the right direction. It still needs more character abilities and magic needs some more umph.

The graphics are very nice and although its very pretty its still much easier to play from the cloth map cause many things don't stand out from the map. Its a great art style and some of the units are truly epic (dragons are gigantic).

Gameplay is pretty good the AI is getting much better but its still really easy, at least on medium I have not tried the harder lvls, but you can win with one unit if you kite (hit then run backward) the enemy. It is very fun to lvl up your sovereign and find some sweet loot.

Sound is mostly good although the spiders still roar when you kill them. The music is fantastic.

Replayablity is pretty good I but it still does not have some my favorite things that magic had. Amazing unit abilities, epic items, and some places that have great guardians.