To sum up the entire game: build a city, improve it by clicking the mouse, find resources, collect resources, repeat.

User Rating: 5 | Elemental: War of Magic PC
The game had such high hope, but was it ever grueling to make it turn base! Not to mention that the game takes a HUGE drain on your computer, so after playing for an hour you have to resort to staying on the silk map.

It was such a good concept, but what a waste. The graphic left a lot to be desired, the story line was pretty bad and it takes forever to do a quest, and all the time you're going "Maybe something exciting will happen after this".

The magic is horrible, the research takes forever, and often time you are so limited on resources that nothing gets done. Think of it this way; turn base of Civilization, graphic and concept of Guild/Guild 2, resource limitation of Galactic Civilization, and strategy based on their own concept - non-existant. So really, bad hybrid game.

Truly a waste of creation and money. I would say this game is the illegitmate child of strategy games. Just spend your money elsewhere.