Unfinished, Wait for Updates

User Rating: 6.5 | Elemental: War of Magic PC
This review is based on the 1.09 patch where the company states this was the patch they hoped to release the game as. The v1.09 is definitely an ambitious game where the game-play has many features that you know and love. There is a function for every logic you can think of but is hindered by the game's abundance of glitches and unfinished product. For instance although they finished many of the glitches from their original release of the game.

The game still lacks AIs that can put on the pressure. If you are a good strategist then even maxing the difficulty will not be more than a medium difficulty game compared to other strategy game. This can be because they don't give the AIs a cheating advantage like bonus resources or gather rate like other games to compensate for their lack of resourcefulness or cleverness. Although the AIs do get a health bonus to their army based on difficulty they lack the speed of a good human strategist that can emphasize on key points to tilt the balance. For example humans can go on the defensive while tech-ing up as fast as they can to output better troops. Where if you apply the same threat to the AIs they just mass troops that can't hold against you and hope for the best.

Another issue is the quest system is somewhat glitch-ed up where the original patches had no issues. They solved one problem to make another one. Bottom line this game is probably not worth getting unless you are a loyal fan of the company and want to help support them until another patch or two comes out.