Another pre hype game that did not live up to the hype has cost the jobs of many of the people surrounding it

User Rating: 4.5 | Elemental: War of Magic PC
I just paid 50 bucks to beta test this crappy game. Sorry I am just not that gullible. I asked for my money back ASAP and got a 75% refund.

So, basically, Brad says he was so in love with the world and the game that he lost sight of it's flaws and genuinely thought the game was a masterpiece. But now that the issues have become apparent, he takes full responsibility and promises to fix it.

Well, that's kinda refreshing, isn't it? A CEO of a company taking responsibility for his mistakes, dedicating himself to making good. And heck, we can all kinda understand that mistake, can't we? I mean, we've all been so in love with something that we're blind to it's flaws at some point in our lives, right? He's owned up to his mistake, promised to fix it, and we can all rest easy knowing that Stardock will treat its loyal fans well, in the long run. Faith restored, right?

Not so fast. Elemental's problems are at its core and this will not be fixed easily. Once they fix the shoddy interface, MISSING FEATURES LIKE MULTIPLAYER, and unbalanced AI Brad has admitted that he will also have to redo the core combat system and fix the magic spell class issues. All in all this game was a joke and I will NEVER fall for Stardock hype again after this and Demigod. AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE