Great game with massive modding potential and an active community. Some bugs but regular patches by the developers.

User Rating: 7 | Elemental: War of Magic PC
Great game that unfortunately had a rocky start with quite a few bugs but soon remedied with regular patches from the developers.

It's a rare breed of rpg/turn based strategy with great modding potential. Sucks you in much like the Civ genre and if you've ever played mods like Fall from Heaven II for Civ IV you can start seeing some real potential for the future of Elemental especially with the aid of a modding community.

The graphic style suits the game, the outlined-3D style works in this setting.

For players familiar with turn based strategy games and some rpg basics there should be no real steepness in the learning curve.

Bugs can be ironed out, features tweaked/modded. It's not a perfect start but it has the potential of developing into a really amazing game.

Time will tell but in the mean time I'm heading back for more...