So disappointed that decided to write this. Seems a lot of reviews 9+ are paid to talk up the game. It's beta at best.

User Rating: 5 | Elemental: War of Magic PC
Bought it on impulse (both meanings work here - Impulse is the distro system, and I actually did buy it spontaneously), and every day I come home from work to find a new patch - version 1.06 now or something. It's pretty crazy, to release a game and then start patching it daily with pretty chunky changes to UI, AI and everything else.

I really like the concept, an attempt to merge Civilization tile macro gameplay with HoMM like tile combat and hero / city building. Seriously, this game could have been great. However, it is completely unfinished and rushed out, and it puts a massive dent into my trust of Stardock. I loved GalCiv and Sins of Solar Empire, played DemiGod for a bit but wasn't my cup of tea, but this is a real flop so far.

Crashes, dumb AI, bland gameplay - you want to get deep into the game, but you just can't. All the technical issues aside, those will be fixed, the blandness of gameplay, especially the tile based army on army combat, is shocking. It's so sub par compared to HoMM or even Disciples that it's unforgivable.

Basically, it's a brave attempt, and I actually believe the developers will finish this game and make it into something worthwhile, however I doubt I will be able to get over this really bad first impression to actually play it when it's fully fixed.

Best suggestion is to wait 3 month (at this rate it'll be patched like 50 times during that time) and give it a shot.

It is a shame Stardock, no matter how much pressure you were under from publishers this release should have been delayed.