A very large number of bugs and unfinished features ruin what could have been an awesome game.

User Rating: 6 | Elemental: War of Magic PC
I honestly wanted to love this game, but I simply cannot get past the fact that Stardock have released a pre-beta game and are trying to convince us it's a finished product.

Off the top of my head, here's a list of missing features:
- Multiplayer
- Dynasties (player cannot get married/have children)
- Tech trading

To top it all off, there is absolutely NO tutorial, and no tooltips explaining what each button in the UI does, and relevant information is often hidden when needed;
Let me give you an example:

When a city levels up, it can gain a specialty - a boost to either Tech research, Arcane research, or Income - and you can never change this specialty.
The problem is that when you have more than a few cities, you might not remember what each city is currently producing, so you might give a +30% bonus to Tech research to a city that produces very little Tech in the first place; It would have been very helpful to display the city's stats before forcing the player to make such a permanent decision.