This is the best turn based strategy game..EVER!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Elemental: War of Magic PC
Following the Galactic Civ, AoW and the Civ series of games, this game has it all. You build and develop you cities and form an empire and make all the Grand Strategic decisions from research to creating unique army units giving each a unique game and unique loads outs. You decide what kind of empire you want. Then there is the RPG side of the game as you move your unique character around the map meeting, greeting, fighting and discovering. You can move armies across the map with vast armies and engage in sieges and large battles. You can win a game via diplomatic means or technological, or magical, or by War. This game is vast and grows in complexity and that Must Have Another go the more you play. The game generates random maps, you can set the size of map, the complexity, the opposition etc etc. This is one very customisable game. Everyone will have a unique experience.

To sum up...Highly addictive, complex, fun and long lasting Those who have given this poor reviews are clueless. This game has been patched a few times already and is up to version 1.05. Enjoy this game but remember you need some patience and plenty of spare time.