Classic Fantasy Strategy Game with lots to do an a challenging AI to boot

User Rating: 10 | Elemental: War of Magic PC
Ignore the naysayers they don't like anything. This is one fantastic game bugs aside. All games have bugs when they first come out so that should just be put on the back burner and the game really played and looked at as a whole.

I haven't had this much fun and that "one more turn" feeling since Master of Magic. This is as good as that already. It's better than Age of Wonders also since it does have an AI that will challenge you.

It's got dynasty building simular to Cruader Kings by Paradox. It has a unique army creation system I've never seen before. Instead of building each individual unit you can combine serveral buildings of units into one strong powerful unit stack. You have to research this of course but it does make things quite different in that department.

The day 0 patch fixed a lot of things and Stardock and Brad et all stayed up into the night to get it out along with some other tweaks and even an early morning hotfix. Very dedicated crew those Stardock peoples.

Combat plays out a lot like Master of Magic as well. You on one side the enemy on the other and you jockey around for position and best defense and then slap each other around until one is victorious.

There aren't as many spells as Master of Magic or AOW that I can tell yet, but, what you get is certainly sufficient for getting the job done. Buffs and powerspells and paralyze and thus. Enough to entertain and keep the fun in leveling up.

If you like fantasy then you should go out and get this now. It's a classic out of the box and is only going to get better.