Has all the parts but not that fun.

User Rating: 6 | Elemental: War of Magic PC
Has all the parts but is not that fun. Slow. Lacks original depth other than the story. But if I want a good story don't need to play a computer game, can go to the library.

Graphics are interesting but the game trys to be MoM and WoW at the same time and thus succeeds at both half as well and is half as interesting.

Clunky interface - selecting units to move can be a real hassle.

Sound and music nice.

Game mechanics over simplified - in fact that's really the problem with Elemental - everything is elemental including the AI. Nothing that original with spells or combat - and it is unengagingly: simple.

Gameplay is too restrained and linear as well. City building lacks variability and the map is not even random! I guess in later versions that will be available but please ... sounds like a rushed release.

I almost want to get out my old copy of MoM and figure why Elemental misses the mark so much. It's as if they took many concepts of MoM and tweaked the concepts by simplifying them or making it more RPG or WoW like and it just doesn't work.