Dive into the musical world of Elecktroplankton, just don't be expecting to spend much time in there

User Rating: 6.5 | Electroplankton DS
Music has increased in games in the past years, there has been more involvemnt in the players abilty to create music. Whether your rocking out in Guitar Hero or jamming along in Jam Sessions. Well say hello to Elecktroplankton the new musical device on the block, but how does Elecktroplankton fare agaianst allof the others. Will it leave you gasping for air, or send you plummiting down into the deep?

To call Electroplankton a game would be misleading to people who read this review, it is not so much a game, there are no objectives, no goals, no aims and nothing to unlock. From the moement you start up the game, you already have everything. This may sound bad but thats not Electroplanktons way, it has it's own course that will soon set you in motion.

When you start you are greeted by two modes, Performance mode and Audience mode. In Audience mode you play the role of the audience and can simply sit back and relax to what the game wants you to hear, but all of it is very well done. You can also participate but you'll just mess it up so I'd advise you just watch. Performance Mode is where you control everything, lets go deeper.

In this mode you chose one of 10 "Intruments" these instruments are like microrganisms and each one sounds compleltly diffrent and is used completely diffrent. The first one for example is Tracy, to use this one you must simply draw a line, then one of the tracy's will follow that line and create piano like music.

As I said each one is diffrent, so I cannot say what one you'll spend most time because it's your taste in music that plays a heavy role. The game has mostly tunes you'd expect to hear in a yoga class or health spa, but there is and can be some rock, rap, techno and even a Mario theme. Ofcourse these are just basic and you can pretty much create any type of music that you want.

The game however isn't very deep, you cannot do that much, well not well anyway. You are limited to 10 instruments which arn't the same but sound similar, and a couple of them an't even that good. And there isn't a whole lot you can do with them since the intruments can not be combined and must be used solo.

The whole game is controlled with the touch screen and done pretty well, anybody can just pick up and play and its very reposnive. The Mic is also used aswell, not very well mind you as it finds it hard to read the noises of claps but its there, use it or don't.

Graphically the game is a wonder to look at, it may be simple but some times simple is enough. Just think of flOw and you'll pretty much have the same thoughts. The plankton also are very nice, the bubbles in the backround make it that much better to.

Well the music is the game is hard to rate due to the fact you yourself do it, but one thing that is great is the small things. Like the sounds of the bubbles contuilsy playing in the backround, but over than that it relys heavly on you.

The value on this game is incredably short I'm afraid, you can actully see everything the game has to offer in less than 10 minites, and unless you have the pateince to sit down and practice with it there is no incentive to keep playing. As I said before, there are no goals, no set task. Another bad point which could have been changed is the fact you cannot save anything you do, if you suddenly create a musical masterpiece you won't beable to save it, which is a big shame.

Electroplankton is a hard game to describe, it's a good musical device that when time is spent can be quite good. However with no saving abiltys and a lack of depth makes it a wasted oppertunity. So go ahead, dive into the musical world of Electroplankton, just don't be expecting to spend much time down there.

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