Unique,but doesn't have a lot of depth.

User Rating: 8 | Electroplankton DS

Electroplankton is a fun idea,but doesn't have a lot of depth.The game is broken up in 12 mini games and the idea of these mini games is to use the plankton to create music.There's a minigame that involves making the plankton swim in certain directions and specific directions will create certain musical sounds(such as certain piano sounds and sounds from other instruments).If you are good enough,you can create some relaxing piano music,but if you don't control the plankton well,you will just hear broken up instrument sounds.

There's another mini game where you bounce the plankton of flippers(which are represented as some sort of underwater vegetation),and if you can make the plankton bounce multiple times,you can create multiple sounds.

There's a game where you need to match the correct sea creatures to the pictures to make the rap sounding music continue to play.

There's another game where you can play Super Mario Bros theme music and you can have multiple songs playing at once to create a unique song and you can customize what order the songs play or the timing of the songs.

There's other games too,involving one that requires you to speak through the speaker,but I didn't play them very much,so I don't have an opinion on them.

I guess this is the type of game that allows you to explore your creativity and like I said,if you're good enough at it,you can create some beautiful,relaxing or enjoyable musical pieces.However,like the GS reviewer said,you can't save any of the great musical pieces you create.

The game has nice presentation,being under the ocean,you will hear bubbles a lot and the occasional relaxing,sound affects which suit the feeling of being under the ocean,and the sea creatures are often colored and have smiley faces.Being under the ocean,the environments will often been blue or black to resemble water,and you will see bubbles plus colorful objects that relate to the games.

I guess the reason I've scored this game highly,is it's unique,charming and you can create some relaxing and enjoyable music with it(if you're good enough),so it does require you to learn some skills and I got it for free :)